Instagram Now Up for Grabs in Beta Form on Windows 10 Mobile

March 10, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Despite revolving around the Universal approach, Windows 10 still lags in terms of its app library volume. Novelty of the OS is certainly acting as a small barrier here, that even the apps that have been present in previous Windows versions are now taking their time to make the jump.

But Windows 10 is surely showing signs of progress, and users will be delighted to know that their favorite image-centric social media is stepping up to show on the platform.

We are speaking of Instagram, as the Facebook owned image-hosting platform has just announced its entry into the Windows 10 ecosystem through Windows Store.


Instagram will be available only in the beta version as of now, just like how it began its journey in Windows Phone three years back. We can expect the final product to be arriving soon after continuous assessment and upgrades.

But right now, users will find a slight difficulty in using the beta version as it’s not void of bugs and crashes which can occur during Facebook login attempts and while using ‘Share To’ feature.

The app does carries forward many features from the other version like custom-designed filters, creative tools, advanced follow suggestions, private photo and video message sharing etc. The in-app support for camera is also enabled in the beta version, which was not the case in the previous beta versions of Instagram.

According to the reports, users of Lumia 950, 950 XL, 650, and 550 models will be the ones who will receive Instagram on their Windows 10 mobile devices. It will also be available alongside on the devices running Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview version.

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