Music to Your Ears; Facebook Integrates Spotify in Messenger

March 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook wants its users to get more involved with music while on its messenger platform. In this regard, they have now announced their new tie-up with music stream services of Spotify.

From now on, Android and iOS users can easily switch to Spotify services from Facebook Messenger, but only to have their desired tracks and artists selected to get them shared through the IM services. Users will also be able to share playlists via this new integration.

At the receiving end, you have to be ready with an Android/iOS version to get inside what’s shared to you. Desktop users can watch the album art, but they won’t be able to do anything with it. Accessing the shared item from your smartphone app will have two options; to get inside Spotify and access it, or to have it instantly shared to others through Messenger.


Getting into Spotify can get a little tricky though, as the open button is only a tiny little button that appears beneath the image. Also, Messenger doesn’t provide an instant share option of Spotify tracks or playlists, as users will have to access the feature from inside the ‘more’ menu option.

Basically, this would only be helpful for Messenger users to get instant access to Spotify and not for Spotify users to get their tracks shared instantly. This is because Spotify already features the option to share it via popular IMs including Facebook Messenger.

However, the search window when accessing through Messenger appears to be a bit more refined, which can in a way urge users to get more involved with Spotify through Messengers.

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