Cortana Goes Further Global with New Windows 10 Preview Update

March 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The latest Windows 10 preview has given us an insight on what the new Windows 10 update looks like. According to those who have started testing it out, the next Windows 10 update is all about Cortana upgrades.

The most important upgrade with the latest update is the ability of Cortana to learn more languages. Microsoft’s personal assistant now comes trained with three more international languages – Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and French (Canada). This makes the total count of familiar languages to 14.

Another update that has been granted for Cortana is the ability to set reminders without having any specific dates attached with it. Users can quickly have a reminder set without due dates, and additional info including the dates can be set later. Future upgrades will also have Cortana fetch these reminders like a ‘personal assistant’ with better response times.


The Windows update has also made sure to wipe out the reminder bug with Cortana which previously had users alerted with already exhausted reminders.

Other updates that are not related with Cortana includes fix to many bugs including the one that led to blue screen error after the download of drivers. Windows 10 firmware updates will also be fetched automatically by the machine when they become available.

Besides, a tweak in the log-in screen now merges it with the lock-screen, sharing the same background. Along with the PC update, the Windows 10 mobile update is also gearing up to have its release within a few days on many Lumia devices.

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