WhatsApp Group Video Chat Services from Booyah Go Cross-Platform

March 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amidst the dominance of video-chat services like FaceTime and Skype in iOS came Booyah, a service that provided the platform to integrate video chat on your favorite chat apps. The idea was so novel that it got welcomed with much appreciation, and this very acclaim has now made the service become cross-platform quicker than expected.

Booyah, a product of video chat app Rounds, is now a cross-platform app after its parent firm announced its entry on Android. Users of Android and iOS can now cherish the services of Booyah equally and involve in video chats through their favorite chatting apps with just a single tap of button.

Booyah borrows almost all its features and API from its parent app Rounds. It gets integrated with other services to facilitate the video chats with the one in your contacts.


The focus is on offering group video chats mainly through WhatsApp. However, the feature can also initiate video group chats through other popular services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and many more.

All it requires is an access to the contact circle, and video chats can be initiated with just a single tap of the button. It doesn’t even require a registration or authentication process.

Besides, Booyah also offers the convenience to enter and exit video chats at any time. Users are not required to be ready on Booyah while the time the chat begins. People involved in the conversation can also instantly share the links to the conversation to others through WhatsApp, letting them join in any time. Up to 12 members can be involved in a single group video chat through Booyah.

Booyah initially got kicked off on iOS a few weeks back where it received high download hits within its first week. You can get the free app from iOS App Store and Google Play.

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