Amazon’s Alexa Personal Assistant will Now Echo on More Devices

March 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not many would have frankly foreseen the impact Amazon Alexa could have on its customers when it debuted. Its success could be attributed to how it has eased the task of a personal assistant without being a smartphone built-in. Now, its riding those waves more vibrantly, with Amazon announcing two new devices to which Alexa gets coupled.

Amazon Tap and Echo Dot are the two new devices that will be of assistance to users with their home devices from now on. This along with the Echo now forms the trio of Alexa-powered devices that will focus on home gadget controls than just pulling the strings through smartphones.

The Echo Dot is a miniature form of what we got through Echo, replacing the big speakers of Echo with tiny ones that produces sound levels the same as that in smartphones. This downside but opens up the option to get Echo Dot connected with multiple other speakers by means of Bluetooth or wired connections.


The functionality of Echo Dot is as robust as its big brother, and it can be used to have voice-controlled access to services like Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, Spotify, Internet radio, audible e-books and more.

On the other hand, Amazon Tap is something of a more convenient option for the Echo lovers who are although size-wary. It comes with a 6.25-inch size compared to the 9.25-inch of Echo, and also doesn’t ditches large speakers like in Echo Dot.

It also presents a button through which users will able to switch on/off the personal assistant features of Alexa. In a way, this can pump up the battery life of the Amazon Tap.

Both these new Alexa family members will be arriving by the end of this month, and users can have the pre-orders done by next Thursday on Echo Dot will be arriving for $95, and the bigger Amazon Tap will be sold for $130.

The latter will be available for all, but the Echo Dot will initially be made available only to Amazon Prime subscribers who have previously bought Echo or any of the Fire TV devices.

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