Google Starts Pilot-Studying Hands-Free Payment

March 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android Pay from Google has gone down well with many of the Google users worldwide. Over 9 million users currently get their payments carried out through the digital wallet.

But Google always pictured future payments in their minds even with the success of Android Pay, eventually giving birth to Hands Free app last year. And now, Google has successfully kick-started the experimentation of its so-called future payment mode.

Android and iOS users in San Francisco’s South Bay area will now be able to walk-in to an associated store of Hands-Free app, and can walk out making the payment without having their hands stretched out for their wallet or smartphones.


The app is presented as the companion app to Android Pay, but unlike its parent app, Hands-Free uses Wi-Fi and low-energy Bluetooth energy connections to make the payments carried out, instead of NFC.

There won’t be a wireless contact of your smartphone either. Payments will be initiated manually by the clerk assigned at the stores. All you have to say is to activate the payment via Google.

The shop-guys will be provided with your pre-loaded photo in Hands-Free app, and authentication have to be done by confirming the identity through the pictures and initials. This would be temporary although, as Google is planning to automate the authentication by introducing cameras that could compare lively clicked images of the users with the one in Hands-Free.

The list of currently tied-up associate stores is not big; McDonald’s, Papa John’s and a few local restaurants around San Francisco are the ones that get access to carry out Hands-Free payments.  But it’s just the experimental set-up, so we can expect more to get on-board along with the progress.

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