Phantom Drone Gets Smarter with AI to Get Past Obstacles and Track Humans

March 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every time DJI tosses a new version of its Phantom drone, it brings in something for us to be awestruck about. The drone manufacturer hasn’t let us down with the new updater Phantom 4 drone too, as the series now gets evolved to be one of the smartest photo-capturing rigs with its new features.

The device design is pretty much inspired from its predecessor, but DJI has made sure to insert improvements in each fine section including the design.

The build now gets lighter to help it take off quickly than the previous ones. But at the same time, they have also made sure that it gets sturdier so that it turns out buster upon minor collisions.



These are additions that should excite everyone, but DJI has stacked the major upgrades upon its hardware segment. The biggest of all is the addition of new sonar sensors that gets Phantom 4 empowered with smart collision avoidance features.

Objects of up to 50 feet distance away from the drone will now be picked up so that it gets ample time to change its route and ease past them.

Alongside this feature come the improvements in software, battery, speed and camera. Addition of a new TapFly feature in the Android and iOS apps means that the autopilot mode gets more convenient. Users can just set the location in their apps to have the drones maneuvered over to the specified location without any human control.

Besides, you can also have them chase you or any moving object by simply specifying the object on the app. This has been enabled by switching the tracking parameters to camera eye rather than on any sensor tracking.

Phantom 4 also gets flashier now with the ability to clock speeds of 44 kmph, a 20% increase from its predecessors. It also has got greater flying times.

Phantom 4 can now stay in the air for over 28 minutes. This was only around 23 minutes in the previous versions. The camera now supports 4K resolutions at 30fps, and Full HD resolution at 120fps.

Altogether, the robust features packed do speak of a possible increase in the price of the device. Phantom 4 is being pushed into the markets for a price of $1,399, and is now available for pre-order on DJI Store as well as Apple Store.

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