Hound from SoundHound Arrives to Outwit Personal Assistant Majors

March 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thought Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are the only ones excelling with personal virtual assistants? That’s probably because many of us never got to know what a Santa Clara-based startup was cooking over the past few months.

Enter Hound, the new personal assistant from the house of music search app Sound Hound, into the virtual assistant technology for smartphones, and we must say this one really looks like the one that could assist us in all scenarios.

Not that Siri and Google Now were dull with their AI, but it was the presence of some ridiculously annoying issues with them that kept us longing for more in the personal assistant field. Hound is here to completely wipe that out.


The app is now being touted as the smartest and fastest personal assistant app to have made its way into the smartphones. So how did a start-up company hold on to an acclaim which the tech behemoths couldn’t yet grasp on to?

The reason is that it has got everything in it you want from a personal assistant. Smart like Siri, it also integrates the card layout system of Google Now to get us directly into what we want.

The app developers are not that open to reveal what really made Hound the smartest personal assistant app, but from what’s experienced in the app, it’s evident that they have shifted the focus to voice-to-speech recognition from the voice-to-text recognition found on the rest. That’s precisely why Hound picks up many of the complex questions you put forward, which if asked to Google Now or Apple Siri will leave it perplexed.

Questions can be asked within a question, or can be asked jointly as multiple questions. Either way, Hound will find no difficulty in throwing you back the answers in a few seconds, and that too much quicker than the other conventional mode of searching. Besides, it needn’t just be questions.

You can ask Hound to set up any task, like having a reminder set for you, or to have nearby restaurants listed out for you. You can also trim down the search result by including multiple criteria feed while asking the question. Ever felt the same worked on Siri? Unfortunately, your answer would be no.

The only thing is that you have to get Hound running in the background always to keep it awake and pick up your voices.

The app was first introduced in beta form last year following which it received wide requests from Android users. Hound is currently available for free on App Store and Google Play, and is currently restricted to the users of US. It can still be tried out from other regions using the apk file available here in APK Mirror.

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