Google Just Opened a Dedicated VR Store for Google Cardboard with Mattel Bonus

March 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cheers! There’s finally a way to have an official Google Cardboard kit purchased in its full form from an official vendor. The third party-only nature of Google Cardboard is now finally getting dropped as Google has just started its dedicated VR section in Google Store.

The official channel for purchase will now bring forward a Google Cardboard ready-made VR headset for the price of $15. You can save some extra cash if you are on the lookout for more than one VR headset, as Google Store will hand you a pair of Google Cardboard VR Headset for $25.


Apart from Google Cardboard, Google Store has also put up two other pairs of VR headsets, namely the Google Tech C1 Glass VR Viewer and Mattel’s View-Master VR goggles. Both of them do present the same Cardboard ideology, but comes in a more convenient design and not with the cardboard-build.

The Mattel View-Master VR goggles will support all devices of sizes between 4-inch and 6-inch. An extra adapter has to be plugged in if to use iPhones in it. It is available now at the Google Store for $29.95. Mattel’s View-Master Starter Pack was also introduced in the Apple Store recently.


The Google Tech C1 Glass VR Viewer dons more of a goggle-approach, and gets rid of the complete covering of your eyes. You can purchase the kit at $14.99 from Google Store.

As of now, Google Store’s VR department is not open for all regions. It is available now in the US. Users elsewhere will still have to purchase VR kits from third party vendors. Of course, they can make their own using the Google Cardboard instructions too.

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