Vizio TV to Ditch Apps to Bring in Built-in Chromecast Functionality

February 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those familiar with Google’s casting dongle will find no difficulty in realising how good it would have been if it came integrated with their TV sets. Thankfully, Google too has picked this up and has been working for the same in the recent months.

And now, it brings more delight to our ears as we get to know that Google’s initiative will finally get paid off this year.

Built-in Chromecast is expected to have its run flagged off this year during spring, and it’s Vizio who has upped the gears to have the casting services triggered without the dongles.

It’s being reported that the American consumer electronics brand will be emerging as the first on-board partner for having Chromecast functionality built-in in its TV units, and they are most likely to take off this spring.


The report also suggests that it will be done at the cost of the entire app collection in Vizio’s smart TVs. This wouldn’t be a big sacrifice, as the app library in Vizio TVs is not huge compared to that of other smartTV providers. It would also mean access to more apps with a lesser lag.

Apart from the Netflix easy access option provided through remote shortcuts, Vizio will also start offering similar access to other services like Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video and more. The services can be brought on the interface easily with the tap of few remote buttons when Chromecast gets tapped in.

It’s also said that instead of getting paired with users’ smartphones, PCs or tablets, Vizio’s Chromecast would get itself integrated with a tablet that would be provided along with the TV. This could although have an impact on the affordability factor of the Vizio TVs. But pairing it up with a dedicated tablet sounds interesting at the same time.

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