Xiaomi Mi5 to be the First Device with Snapdragon 820 SoC to Hit the Markets

February 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Xiaomi finally lifted the wraps off its flagship Mi5 smartphone in their homeland. As predicted, it features the new Snapdragon 820 SoC from Qualcomm.

Although, it didn’t evoke that novel feeling during the launch, and that was only because we had other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G5 launched with the same SoC at Barcelona hours before the Xiaomi event.

Yet, there is a reason why Qualcomm got excited to have their chipset in the device from Chinese vendors rather than on the one from the South Korean manufacturers. Come this March, and Qualcomm will have their ultra-fast chipset take off on its official flight when the Mi5 gets tossed on to the markets.


Xiaomi’s Mi5 flagship was eventually the last of the flagships to have been launched during the week, but it will be the first to arrive on markets as Xiaomi is setting up to bring the smartphone to the Chinese markets on March 1.

It has already made news by rocking a six-digit score in the AnTuTu benchmarks. Surely it’s one of the fastest out there, if not the fastest, and thanks to the 4GB RAM packed along with it which had made it happen.

There is also a Standard 3GB version which would be coming along with under-clocked cores and 32GB on-board storage. Xiaomi has also revealed a premium Ceramic version which would arrive with 128GB storage space, compared to the 68 available in the High edition. The devices are priced at $306, $352 and $413 respectively for Standard, High and Ceramic editions.

Mi5 -2

That apart, the spec-sheet will remain the same for all versions, and includes a 5.1-inch Full HD display, Adreno 530 GPU, 3000mAh batter, 4MP front-cam, and a 16MP rear-cam with PDAF and DTI technologies. The latter will also have a 4-axis stabilization to provide better stills.

Mi5 is also expected to launch in Indian markets soon after it makes its debut in China next month. It won’t be however touching down on the US or Europe shores.

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