There’s More You Can Do Now in Google Docs with Your Voice

February 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not many are aware of the fact that typing a document on Google Drive just needs you to convey those texts through voices. But yes, it does exist.

And the time is right to check it out now, if you haven’t as yet, as Google is enhancing its Docs with some new additional voice controls.

While it was only typing through voices which Google Doc allowed previously, the new update brings a complete overhaul by adding editing and formatting options through your voice alongside. Unlike voice typing, these options would strictly require you to speak in English as Google triggers these options by listening to pre-defined commands.


For example, you can use the select command to have a text, line or paragraph selected for you. The other commands are also pretty straight forward, and wouldn’t require much time for you to figure out which command to use for specific actions.

Cutting, copying and pasting texts can also be now performed via voice commands. There is also an undo command option for reversing the action you have just carried out through voice commands.

Using the commands for formatting, users will be able to perform some of the most-used formatting options like changing the text to bold or italic, changing the colors, and setting a new alignment for the page, and the like.

There are also new commands available that lets you run through your document easily. Commands like ‘go to’ or ‘move to’ can be used to take you to a specific part of your document.

All of the above features including the voice typing option are currently available only when opening Google Doc through Google Chrome browser.

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