Will Sony’s March-Unveiling Restate the Pricey Truth about Virtual Reality?

February 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The tech arena is picking up the seeds sown by Facebook-owned Oculus. After it announced the official shipping and pricing of its Rift VR gear, HTC has come up with their Vive unveiling, and will soon be followed by Japanese manufacturer Sony.

The company has just confirmed that its PlayStation VR is having its final touches, and that the official unveiling will be carried out at an event scheduled for March 15. It would mean that we will have three official gear heading out to the market this year, provided Sony doesn’t push its release date further.

There’s no doubt that the event would be catching all the headlines when it shapes up at San Francisco next month. But what needs to be seen is whether Sony could bring the overhaul in the VR domain by dropping the price at an affordable range.


While Oculus’s $600 pricing fuelled the belief that VR could be a pricy affair, what followed has made the minds believe that it could only go up as we proceed ahead. The HTC Vive, which was unveiled at MWC 16, was priced at $800. As of now, there is no hint as to where Sony’s price-point would be at.

It can get bigger. But there are reasons to believe that Sony could get it lower than that of its opponents. The prime factor is the resolution used in VR, which is lower than that of Oculus Rift and Vive.

Besides, the peripherals used for the PlayStation VR have also been priced at an affordable range since it got introduced on to the markets.

If Sony manages to pull out a surprise in that sense, the VR industry would really be into a triangular foray, and Sony could just gain the upper edge despite its late entry.

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