Volvo Envisions Replacing Your Physical Car Keys with Smartphone App

February 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We live in a period where physical keys are giving way to the keyless technology. But in the midst of all that, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is dreaming big with the future of automotive industry; a virtual key in the form of smartphone app.

The company has now revealed its ongoing project that’s working towards a smartphone app to replace all the car keys and fobs. Once turned into reality, Volvo users can forget the menace of having their keys lost as the entire control over their automobile will be secured in the smartphone app.

A single push of the button on your app will have various tasks handled for you, like unlocking your car, opening the boot, and getting the engines started. One big advantage with this technology is sharing of these virtual keys to anyone, even when the owner is miles away from him or his car.


Volvo insists that the technology is not just being developed for the sake of it, but to make the lives of people easier. But there are some bigger hurdles waiting to pounce into action when it reaches the user end. One to be pointed out is the battery concern of users’ smartphone. It can be painful to gain the entry into an automotive if his smartphone ran out of battery.

But Volvo believes that having the smartphone as the key to cars could in turn urge users to have their smartphone charged always. We need to see if there’s any practical solution being developed by Volvo for this.

The technology is currently being tested in 20 cars in their home country, and is expected to have its kick-off this spring. It will be entering the commercial stage by next year.

The technology is all set to get introduced during the Mobile World Congress 2016 this year, ahead of which a video has also been released by Volvo showcasing the application of the newly developed technology. You can watch that below.

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