Facebook Messenger Brings Multi-Account Support on Android

February 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following the public roll-out of multi-account support on Instagram, parent firm Facebook has now decided to fetch the same for its messenger platform.

The new update for Facebook Messenger means that the IM platform will now allow users to switch between accounts to have messages accessed without having continuous login/logout sessions.

The Messenger support for account-switching comes with some peculiarities although. Facebook says that its multi-account support is intended to make it easier for multiple persons that share a single device, like in a family.


For that, they have introduced some privacy settings to account switching, where account holders can set the option to ask for password again when logging-in next time.

Messages are also kept private when this option is turned on. Notification bar will no more show the content of the messages, and will only display the message count.

Facebook is also having plans for some bigger overhauls with its Messenger platform according to other sources. The rumor now is that they are planning to have ads introduced in its Messenger platform by the second quarter of this year.

Unlike the regular ads in apps, Messenger will focus more on business-focused ads with which users will be able to receive ads from a business organisation with which users have previously initiated a chat thread.

TechCrunch has also spotted the quite launch of short-link fb.com/msg/ that instantly opened up business chats. Facebook has confirmed the existence of the link, but has refused to open up about any of its plans to introduce the scheme in Messenger.

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