Neverware Fires up Your Shabby Laptops into a Speedy Chromebook

February 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Planning to ditch your old, sluggish laptops for a new one? If yes, Neverware, a New York-based start up is putting up a worthy deal for you. You may look away if Windows machine is what you looking for at any cost.

With simple Cloud Ready software onboard, Neverware is offering you a chance to have your old windows-running laptops upgraded to a Chromebook, a converted version at least.

It’s worth a shot if you have any old laptop, as upgrading to this converted Chromebook costs less than half of what it takes to have a new one.


Neverware says its Cloud Ready software will work in a dual-boot format that will have the Chrome OS installed along with the Windows you are running. There are no downfalls with this, as you would be able to run almost every Chrome OS app in this converted Chromebook.

Besides, it can also help you carry out some of the common tasks at higher speeds than what Windows can manage in your old laptops. This is because Chrome OS doesn’t eat up memory and affect performance like a few-years-old Windows; the former works well even with limited resources.

But you must make sure that your laptop is ready for the upgrade, as dual-boot will work only with a Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 build that is installed in UEFI mode. So don’t expect to have a Windows XP/Bios-running laptops upgraded with this.

The biggest advantage of having this converted laptop is with the price. Neverware is currently focusing on having the software expanded to the educational systems, where older laptops are present in abundance. They are also giving away the software to such educational institutions at $59 a seat.

Just proceed to the Neverware official site if you are interested in having one for your old notebooks.

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