The Reason behind Apple’s Ditching of the 3.5mm Jack Sounds Absurd

February 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What exactly did you think is the reason behind 3.5 mm jack shunning by Apple? To moot wireless headphone connectivity? No. Make it slimmer? No. Provide an extra-wide speaker? Bingo. But wait, seriously? Unfortunately, yes.

The reason everyone pointed out for why Apple would have the 3.5mm jack axed from its future iPhones was that the Cupertino company holds the desire to trim down its upcoming iPhones.

Some of the global counterparts have already chosen that path, and Apple appeared like stepping into their shoes. But now, with what we are hearing about the 3.5mm jack replacement, the sliminess may not be what Apple is focussing here.


Forbes has reported that Apple is planning to have the void space of its 3.5mm jack filled with an extra speaker. We still are not sure whether the 3.5mm jack omission came as a result of Apple foreseeing the same.

Let’s hope that’s not the case. No one wants to have some widened audio at the cost of their favourite pricey headphones.

There is an apparent interest for stereo audio among Apple devices off-late although. And that’s because stereo sound has become more of a common fashion among its rival devices.

The iPhone still clasps on to that single mono speaker system that was present ever since the birth of its forerunner. Addition of an extra speaker to widen the audio for music and movies do sound good, provided the intent was not born before they fixed on to axing the 3.5mm jack.

Apparently, Apple is also working on other replacements of the 3.5 mm headsets like audio plug-in through lightning ports and wireless headsets via Bluetooth.

There were also reports that suggested that Apple will introduce a complete set of truly wireless ear-buds along with an upcoming iPhone. They also have plans to introduce noise-cancellation features to all of those newly adopted headphone systems.

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