Instagram Adds Extra Security Layer to Keep Hackers off the Bay

February 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram has been letting down its users for long in terms of the security offerings during log-ins. This is particularly evident with the absence of a two-factor authentication system that has been adopted by almost all of the other platforms. But not anymore will they keep upsetting its wide user base.

In an effort to reduce the risk of accounts getting hacked, the social image hosting platform has finally added the two-factor authentication for log-in sessions from new devices.

Similar to how it works in its parent-platform Facebook, the two-factor authentication will now let users provide a number coupled to an account.


This number will be used to send an authentication code once Instagram finds a log-in attempt with the linked account. Users will have to input the provided code to gain access to their accounts from every new device they attempt to log-in with.

Users will also be provided with a reset code during the time they initially verify their phone numbers. This is to ensure that you don’t bump into trouble if having your phone or phone number lost. This reset can be saved to unlock your Instagram accounts from other devices.

Sources say that Instagram has been testing two-factor authentication even before November. Rival services like SnapChat has introduced this feature much before.

The feature however comes handy, and right on time for smartphone users, as the image-hosting service has only recently rolled out the support of multiple accounts on Androids and iOS devices.

The two-factor authentication is also rolled out gradually. So it may take some time to hit your account. So do have an eye on it.

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