Hulu Strides on to Windows 10 with Cortana Support

February 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The current period is witnessing some giant leaps by Hulu. First, they had the premiere of their first-ever original drama, 11.22.63. Now, they are making a bigger expansion by joining a new platform along their ride to be a dominant force.

It’s never a surprise though; it’s Windows 10 that has now joined the list of supported platforms for the video streaming service. Hulu have already had a long list of compatible platforms including the Windows versions. But until now, the support has been confined to versions until Windows 8.

The new platform would have Hulu working on multiple platforms of Windows 10-running devices, which includes PCs, smartphones and tablets.


The OS still hasn’t acquired the market share that would hand over a big jump in Hulu subscription. But considering how swiftly the transformation to new Windows is taking place, a Windows 10 version was really inevitable.

Hulu has also managed to integrate many of the Windows 10 features upon stepping on to the new platform. The major ones of those include the Live Tile integration and support for Cortana voice control. The latter would work just like it has been with other services like Netflix, making it activated with the ‘Hey Cortana’ voice command.

Currently, Cortana can be triggered to initiate only a handful of features like playing/resuming a show, search for episodes, add to favourites etc. But Hulu assures that more will be rolled out after picking up the various user-interactions with Hulu over Cortana.

The other big feature is the Live Tile integration, which is also restricted in a way as of now. New shows and recommendations is what being show now when you get the Hulu pinned to the Windows. You can also have individual shortcuts set up for your favourite shows or episodes in it.

This is also expected to get enhanced over time, according to a revelation by Hulu’s SVP of User Experience Ben Smith. He said the aim is to introduce further personalized experiences for the end users. Windows 10 users can certainly have their Hulu experience kicked off with a bulk of promises hoping on to the waiting list for now.

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