Mattel Refined Cardboard Viewer Could Simply be the Best Out There

February 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There was nothing special when Mattel transformed its View-Master into a virtual reality gear last year. After all, it was just presented as a good-looking Google Cardboard device.

But roll the calendars to the current date, and it seems like Mattel has really learned what it takes to lure the minds of the VR fanatics.

After just a week since its Apple Store entry, Mattel has now revealed a completely refined VR gear, called the Viewer DXL. Appearance-wise, it simply looks like a narrowly-tweaked version of the View-Master virtual reality headset that got to the markets last year. But it’s only when you get inside the kit, you get to know more about the Viewer DXL.


What Mattel has managed to wipe out with its new gear is the concern of being stuck with the smartphone speaker sounds when immersed in virtual reality. With Mattel Viewer DXL on your head, just tap-in your favourite headphones, as the device comes with an option to insert any of the 3.5mm jacked headphones in it.

That’s not the only upgrade you can expect in this revamped View-Master; there’s more. Those include a pair of new optical lenses that come with enhanced focal powers, and a new scroll button on the top with which you can manually control the focus of your virtual reality headset.


All these would also mean that users will see a minor price hike in the VR gear. Viewer DXL will get going at a slightly increased price of $40 compared to the $30 price point at which the View-Master VR is currently being sold.

But it’s worth every penny. So get ready to splurge the amount once it arrives during May this year.

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