Google My Maps isn’t Dead; Receives First Major Update in Over a Year

February 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s time that we are reminded of the My Maps app from Google. Yes, it does exist, and it has now received one of its finest upgrades since launch – actually, it’s first in nearly two years.

With this new update, the long-ignored custom map of Google has now been granted an entirely new look, which Google has decided to impart after rebuilding the app from scratches.

The update mainly focuses on revamping the overall appearance of the app, and has now merged the Material Design aspect inside. Besides, Google has also introduced some cool new features to the app, namely the Street View feature to let users see more about the maps they save. This would be enabled only for those places which has got Street View available.


Another new feature is the ability of the app to fetch the directions to any saved places on the My Maps app. Apart from this, users will now also be able to watch videos and photos that are uploaded from the web. As of now, they won’t be able to upload one directly from the app although.

Google introduced My Maps for Android a few years to back to let users save and customize maps offline, letting them drop pins and add descriptions. It also supports various views in its parent app, Google Maps, like standard, satellite, and terrain views. Users can also have their customized maps shared on Google Drive.

Google has been keeping silent on the updates for this app for long. However, the new improved upgrade makes us feel that the gates will now remain open for updates. You can download/update the latest version by heading to Play Store.

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