Adobe Post for iOS Adorns Your Images with Text and Graphic Add-ons

December 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe’s growing list of its standalone iOS apps has now got a new name added to it. This one is shot right for those who want a bit of graphic overlays in their image files.

Called Adobe Post, the app draws a thick line from the previous entries like Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate that were focussed on storytelling.

Unlike its previous companions, Post doesn’t want to narrate anything to you. Instead, it wants your social media posts to get narrated with the injection of beautiful text overlays and pontificated graphical works.


The app functions pretty much similar to the rival apps like Canva, FontCandy, Wordswap, Typorama etc, taking up many of the new quick-augment tools used in those.

But coming straight from Adobe, it makes the benefit of integrating those with company tools used in services like Photoshop and InDesign. Users get the benefit of using all those layer-based text and graphical upgrades, but without any complications.

User can choose to have pre-designed templates or images used to set-up up their own new banners, invitations, album covers, and other graphical works that can be shared along with posts on social media, or alongside newsletters via email.

They can also have their own images merged to spread some sparkling text or overlays onto it. These self-designed templates can then be saved so that it can be used or edited later.

Supporting various modifications like photo filter, typography, layout, and colors, Adobe also make use of its own intelligence to suggest some niche works to the users, like having the colors auto-selected based on the image backgrounds.

Pontificated images created using Adobe can also be quickly shared across social media, which definitely is what Adobe wants too. Support extends to various platforms, including the most used ones like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Adobe Post is currently available only for iPhone devices, and not on iPads, and is available free on the App Store.

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