Facebook Instant Article Strides on to Android

December 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The quick-loading articles from Facebook are finally showing up on Android devices.

Instant Articles, a service launched by Facebook a few months back, has now hit all Android devices after being successfully introduced for iOS devices previously.

With this update, Android users will now be able to read through quick loading articles from various publishers, without having to exit the app so as to use other browsers.

Currently, Instant Articles is tied up with more than 350 publications, including many leading ones like ABC News, CBS Sports, The New York Times and more.


Users can spot the articles powered by Instant Articles with a lightning icon, which will be placed right along with the embedded article in their News Feed. Besides having the articles loaded quickly, Instant Articles also proves to be efficient in cutting down the data consumption

Apart from being a media-centric social hub, Facebook has proven to be one of the main sources for articles and news in the recent years, which is why they are pushing for the services of having articles loaded quickly.

It was introduced in iOS during the last week of October after going through a short beta phase. Alongside, Facebook also began the beta testing for an Android version, and the final version roll out will sure add more benefit.

Apparently, Facebook has got a broader reach on Android devices. Plus, it makes sense to bring the services to the OS that dominates by a great margin in developing markets; that’s where tools like quick-loading and data saving can lure more.

Tech behemoth Google is also planning to have its quick-load feature rolled out, called Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s expected to go live during the early weeks of February.

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