Google Now on Tap Gets Overhauled with New Handy Additions

December 17, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

Google really wants to help you out with your holiday plans this season. First, they had their Inbox app updated with an option to share all your travel plans.

And now, they are making it further easier for you to access all your flight information and other info.

In their latest blog, Google has announced the introduction of some new reforms to their Now on Tap services, which will now see easy access of flight status, package tracking and other relevant info on the go.


You will no longer have to switch the apps or come out from a running one to access all these information.

Details like flight numbers and tracking info will now be automatically picked up by Google Now on Tap, which later can be accessed by long pressing the home button from any app. Google says that Now on Tap can grasp the details even from text messages part from emails.

The other addition is the new related articles feature, which will now display a list of suggested articles when you are reading an article in your smartphone. Clicking on one will take you to the full article in the browser you prefer.

Besides, Google has also handed out some new language skills to its flagship feature. Now on Tap has now got added support to languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean, and more are expected to be present in the list soon.

The latest update follows the previous one that was launched a few days back, providing a new option to snap and share screenshots. This, along with the new features, will be rolled out to all Android Marshmallow running devices in the coming days.

Now on Tap already features instant access to various details with the integration to services related with navigation, music, entertainment, and more.

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