Share Your Travel Plans On the Go Now With Google Inbox

December 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know how much travel-friendly the Google Inbox app is. But Google is now going much beyond to make your travel plans reach out to your loved ones with just a tap, and that too, right in time for the holiday season.

From now on, the Inbox app will let users share all their bundled travel info to anyone on the go. A new share button is now being made available that will have all those saved travel plans shared to your friends and family.


This includes all info collected by the Inbox app including flight timing and details, restaurant bookings, car rentals and the like.

Don’t worry if the app misses out on any piece of info from your mail. The new update also comes with the long-requested ‘Move to’ feature, which will now let you manually sync emails into your travel bundles.

And it’s not just your travel plans that can be shared; you can also let people view your travel memories by sharing the photos taken on a tour. Users will also be able to attach multiple photos at once.

Besides, there’s also a new offline feature with which you can view these travel details even in offline mode. So no more will you have to be worried of Wi-Fi connections while in travel.

Just plan them, get them on Inbox, and you can travel without any hassles or worries.

Google revealed that the update will be made available for both iOS and Androids, and to all users starting next week.

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