Google App New Beta Update Makes Screenshot Sharing More Convenient

December 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google had a clear-cut objective when they launched the Now on Tap services; to make stuff easier on Android. They wanted everything to come under one umbrella with just a tap, and the latest feature runs the ability to snap and share screenshots instantly.

The feature comes with the latest beta version of Google app on Android Marshmallow-running devices.

Users can spot this feature on the bottom left corner of the list that emerges when accessing Now on Tap, by long-pressing the home button.


Clicking on it will have your device screen snapped instantly, followed by the option to share it across social media or e-mail.

Almost all the major platforms are currently listed, including the ones from Google like Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google+ etc, and also other social hubs like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Don’t worry if we have failed to mention one; your device can pick all those apps and services that are installed in your device.

It’s not that screenshot snapping and sharing has been a laborious task before. Users can always access it from the notification panel if available, or by playing with the volume and home buttons. But the Google way of having screenshots snapped has got its own benefits.

Screenshots captured using Now on Tap are intended for sharing purposes, and not primarily for storage. That makes sharing easier; all is done with just a single tap now. Besides, it also keeps your memory free as image copies are never saved to the device.

Besides all that, Now on Tap’s screenshot images blacken all those icons and statuses that are displayed on the notification bar. We know how messy that can be in some screenshots.

It also applies to the navigation menu that is present in most of the devices, leaving it blackened in the final image.

So don’t jump for this new option if you want to have any notification captured. But for the rest, it’s a blissful addition indeed.


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