Microsoft Band 2 Gets Spruced Up with Holiday Season Upgrade

December 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Band 2 is a device that hasn’t yet risen to the prolific level that other wristbands have. But Microsoft wants to brighten up things for their armband this Christmas.

As part of this, a new update has now arrived for the device that now adds an element of multimedia to the rather fitness-concerned Band 2 devices. Quite frankly, this one also appears to be the biggest ever upgrade which a Band product has received from Microsoft.

The overriding addition here is the new integrated music support, with which you can now control music playback right through Microsoft Band device.


Music option comes right on the go now with the new upgrade, and arrives timely with the new entry on, Spotify. The playback control is not, however, limited to Spotify, and can be used to control the music on an app used in your smartphones using Bluetooth.

Coming along with the music playback feature is the activity reminder, making sure that you don’t get carried away with the music all the time. The feature is, however, optional, so there’s always a choice for the lazy ones.

Turning it on will hand you some choices you can set, like telling the device when to alert you and when not to, and also of the frequency at which you are to be alerted.

Besides these two additions, Microsoft is also adding a new Exercise tile, with which you can pick your favourite activity and have its sessions reviewed in the Microsoft Health app.

The review sessions also get categorized now according to the exercise types. Another tile that has come in place is the ‘What’s New’ tile, which will take you to the update centre when one is available.

Unfortunately, the tile won’t work until you get the latest update, so you have to check for your updates in the old way until it gets popped up on your device.

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