Google Android N Teased; Split-Screen Support Confirmed

December 14, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

It’s been just two months since Android Marshmallow started showing up on devices. The latest smartphone OS from Google has still got way to cover, with its share among Android devices being just under 1%. But that’s not stopping Google from getting involved with the next iteration; the Android N.

Addressing queries about the newly launched Pixel C tablet at a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A session, Android and Chrome UX director Glen Murphy dropped the bombshell all have been waiting for.

When asked about the lack of multi-tasking support in Pixel C, Murphy responded with an assurance that it will be arriving with the next version of Android.


Although with all the tech vendors nowadays preferring to keep things close to their chest, Google has often stood apart by letting the details slip even during the early days of a product.

Being the first of such revelations associated with Android N, it can be expected that a row of speculations and confirmations are to be ignited from now on. However, Murphy insists that they don’t want to spoil the surprise by revealing what they are cooking for Android N. We grasp that he wouldn’t want to reveal those at least in this too-early stage.

Now that the teasing has been done, we can also expect debates to pile up over what N stands for. As of now Nougat and Nectar are the top contenders.

And if Google is to revert to its strategy of promotional collaboration for their tasty treats, then we believe the next Android will be followed by a Nutella tag. That’s the best guess we could come up with. But there are plenty more to be picked from. Expect those to flood the discussions soon.

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