Chromecast Audio Devices Can Now Be Synced for Multi-Room Playback

December 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s audio-dedicated version of its Chromecast dongle is one of the cheapest out there with which you can transform your old school speakers into Wi-Fi streaming ones.

And now, the cheap Wi-Fi playback solution has become even worthier with the addition of some cool new features.

With the new feature getting rolled out, you can now have multiple Chromecast Audio devices sing to the tunes of a single source. Connect your Chromecast devices to anywhere within your house, but in range, and all of them will have the same music streamed, be that from your iPhones, Androids, Mac or Windows.


The feature doesn’t come as a surprise though. Back before its launch in September, it was reported that Chromecast Audio would arrive with multi-speaker sync support.

The feature was absent in the device when it made its debut, but it’s impressive that it has taken only two months for Google to have it introduced in their audio-streaming dongle.

Besides the new sync support, Chromecast Audio also ushers in a new high-res audio support. The former 44.1Khz/16-bit audio resolution has now been lifted to a resolution support of 96kHz/24-bit, which is same or better than that of a normal CD playback.

We don’t assume it to be of soothing nature for all, but it certainly sounds like music to the ears of an audiophile.

Google’s latest upgrades still won’t be able to take Chromecast Audio to a spot that would see off its battle against major competitors like Sonos.

The latter is still a leap ahead in terms of some advanced features. But for a device that costs less than one fifth of those from Sonos, it really looks like they are taking the game on to their rivals.

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