Twitter Timeline Goes Media Driven Now with Uncropped Images

December 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is taking up some lessons from its social media counterparts. As a part of getting friendlier with new users, the social media site is now adopting a few new tweaks that would present a fresh appearance for its timeline.

The updates will have nothing to do with the layouts and visual interfaces, but will have reshuffling with the contents including the media display. One has already begun to display its mark in the social networking site, while the other is currently being experimented.


The former, which has now been adapted appears to be a minor one, but is to bring a noticeable change to the Timeline view. Media will now be presented throughout the timeline in its full view.

Till now, Twitter used to showcase the cropped versions of images when viewed in, which gets enlarged only when it’s clicked upon. But that has been now eschewed, with which users can view the full sized image right when they scroll through the tweets now on their timeline.

The other update which we can soon expect is the reshuffling of orders in which tweets will appear in timeline. Content will skip the chronological order of getting displayed in the feed, and will engulf into a pattern that would see its arrangement in order of relevance.

With that applied, it won’t always be the case that the older posts will appear down in your timeline. Tweets that are being talked much about will have a spot right on top to get it displayed when you sign in to your account.


The move, which is currently being experimented, follows a measure familiar in other platforms like Facebook.

Besides these timeline tweaks, Twitter has also introduced a new batch of emojis called Twemoji for and TweetDeck. The emoji usage will still be native on other platforms that include Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android versions.

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