Making a Difference: Presslabs Offers Free WordPress Hosting for Romanian NGOs

December 11, 2015, By Sameer Kumar

One of the greatest gifts of a true democracy is the freedom of thought, expression, belief and the power to question those few at the top when there is a perceived injustice and lack of transparency. Despite Romania breaking the shackles of a dictatorial regime over 25 years ago, its path towards better future still seems littered with unending obstacles. In relative terms, the country’s civic society is still nascent in many ways, but has definitely found a new voice in the last few years.

Presslabs offers free premium hosting services for Romanian NGOs

In its attempt to help these budding civic movements, Presslabs has announced that it would offer free premium WordPress hosting services for any NGO or non-profit organization working in this direction. Presslabs offers elite hosting services for online bloggers, startups and has worked with some of the best in the business in an attempt to bridge the gap between firms and their target audience. It is this invaluable experience and world-class expertise that the civic society in Romania can now tap into so get the word around across the globe and question those who eating away at the fruits of development in the country.

“The fight for a Utopian society, as impossible as it may be, is something that can never lose its steam. It is an endless struggle where every little victory needs to be savored for it is a marathon and not a sprint. Evil does not really need a lot to triumph… Just the silence of those moderate, good men who go about believing that all is well until the problem ends up at their own doorstep.”

Whether you are combating corruption at a local level or monitoring public money funded projects, this is an opportunity for those in the Romanian civic society to use the new-age platform to make a difference. Transparency, freedom of speech and an accountable political institution – if you share these ideals, then Presslabs is willing to join you in your fight. Get in touch with  or head over to their Facebook Page and reach out to those still under the cloak of indifference!

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“NGOs have a complicated space in neoliberal politics. They are supposed to mop up the anger. Even when they are doing good work, they are supposed to maintain status quo. They are essentially the missionaries of the new world!”

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