Cortana Exits Beta for Android and iOS; Cyanogen Edition Coming Soon

December 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s effort to augment its personal assistant service to a multi-platform arena has finally thrived in full form. The tech giants have finally pulled out its Cortana services out of the beta for Android and iOS devices.

Following its decision to roll out Cortana for other smartphone platforms apart from Windows, Microsoft debuted the public beta version of Cortana on Android during August, which was followed by the iOS entry after a couple of months.


Those who have played with the previous beta versions can observe that there’s nothing much that differentiates this final version from the beta. It comes with the same interface that includes a search box at the bottom, the centre blue ring, hamburger menus on top left and information cards stacked accordingly.

But Android users can get something more out of the new version. Cortana services on Androids can now be triggered through voice commands, but in a confined manner.

For triggering the services through voice command, users will have to speak Hey Cortana from their Android home screen, and not from anywhere else.

The feature is available only on Android; the iPhone version will show no response if speaking that command, and that’s due to the API restrictions.

Cortana also is devoid of internal control of both the system, which will restrict the app from changing the settings internally from the app or accessing other app information.

But all those can be expected in the upcoming Cyanogen version of Cortana, which Microsoft says will be released later this month first for One Plus One devices. The tie-up between Microsoft and Cyanogen will see the relaxation of many barriers, including voice activation from any screen.

You can check the final version of Cortana on App Store for iOS devices or on Google Play for Androids, but only if you are from the US. Support for other regions can be expected soon.

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