Apple’s New Smart Battery Case is Not Too Exciting

December 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Never has an Apple device made its debut without dropping a slight hint beforehand. But on Wednesday, Apple left everyone perplexed with the launch of a charging case, which came absolutely out of the blue.

Indeed, this was something expected by none, and Apple has taken the road they have never taken before to get it presented to the world. A deeper look into the new device also makes us feel that the same applies to the product concept.

The Apple Smart Battery Case is a $99 charging case for iPhone 6/6s devices. That sounds a neat way of addressing the battery concerns associated with the iPhone devices, especially with the less juicy 6s.


But quite contrary to the expectations, Apple this time hasn’t come up with a device that quite sounds like what we needed.

The charging case from Apple comes with the feature of simultaneous charging for your iPhones and Smart Battery Case. But believe us, the goody list ends right there. The remaining aspects don’t offer anything stupendous for its price range.

The primary flow here is with the design. It does provide a comfy feeling with the sleek approach, but it can create havocs when plugging in some headphones. Besides, what Apple has given on its back is a big bulge to accommodate the extra charge. That could have been pardoned, had Apple offered a good extra back-up. But what you get for paying $99 is only a capacity of 1,877 mAh.

It still would have been a fair deal, but it’s just that Apple have arrived late in their new business. We already have third party charging cases, like the ones from Mophie or Anker, which not just offers half the price, but also features higher battery capacity.

You can also have options to charge only when you feel to, which unfortunately is not available in Apple Smart Battery Case; once plugged in, the charge will persistently be driven to your smartphone, without an option for pausing it.

Overall, the device might not appeal to those who have already got their hands upon a third party charging case before. But for the rest, may be you can have a shot at it, but only if you are not expecting a gigantic battery life and user friendly features.

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