Google Calendar Will Now Remind You of Your To-Do List

December 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s something exciting for all those who wanted the Calendar app from Google to be just more than a mere event-dedicated app.

The tech behemoth has just announced that their Calendar services will now provide more than just creation and management of events. In effect, what you get is the much craved feature of managing your to-do list using the reminder setup.

It’s the same feature that comes as a stand-alone service in the stores. But now, Google has merged them both to make sure that you don’t need an extra app to get you reminded of your tasks.  The update comes for both the Android, and iOS version.


To create a reminder, just tap the plus button which was previously dedicated for creating events. Tapping the Reminder option from there will take you to a page where you can enter your tasks and to-do entries manually, or can even have them loaded for you, thanks to Google’s deep integration services.

The one that we find pretty useful here is with the integration of Reminders with Google Inbox. Say, you want the app to remind you of calling someone, Google Calendars will fix them by automatically suggesting their contact during the time when you enter it, as well as when it yells out to remind you about the call. There are plenty of other integration features too, which sync well with the reminder to pop-up some nifty suggestions.

We said earlier about the deeper integration, which also lets you manage reminders from out of the Calendar app.

Reminders can be set also from Google Inbox or Google Keep, the latter which is a note-management app. You can also have these accessed using voice commands straight from the Google Now services.

Google has also got the option to prioritize your reminders more than Calendar events. Unlike with events which automatically get omitted from the app once it crosses the specified date, reminders will only get wiped out once you check the task as completed.

Google has also introduced the 3D Touch support for the iOS version of Google Calendar, which will now let you jump to event or reminder creation when pressing the app icon hard.

You can have the new versions downloaded from iTunes for iOS devices, or from Google Play for Android devices.

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