Yahoo Messenger Finally Embraces Modern Messaging

December 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been acquainted with Yahoo Messenger for so long. It was present even before the idea of a social networking hub struck Mark Zuckerberg.

Maybe it’s this very acquaintance that has put them through the belief of keeping it unchanged, or in other words, un-updated.

Even with the advent of smartphone-age messengers like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, Yahoo kept grooving to the tunes of old age.


But now, after seventeen years of its birth, they have finally decided that it’s time to give the new-age services a go in their messenger platform.

After having kept Yahoo Messenger along the same lines, they are finally revamping the services with new features, which however sounds old, relatively. Let it be; but this update was indeed a badly required one for Yahoo Messenger, and it arrives in midst of the rumors that Yahoo is selling off its internet business.

The update transforms the Messenger service to be like the normal chat app you can find in your smartphone. It includes features like group messaging and media sharing, giving up all the old-age interfaces it has been used to.  Users can also share GIF files, making use of the Tumblr database that Yahoo owns.

An added benefit is that you could share files at their original sizes too; a feature which is lacking in most of the rival services. And yes, there is this option to send compressed forms of those images, which can either be taken live using your camera, or can be dragged from your gallery.

Besides, Yahoo Messenger also has got an option of deleting a message before it gets seen by the recipient. Unsending a message would also have it deleted from the servers.

There is also a new ‘like’ option which will let you dispatch large thumb icons to convey the ‘OKs’ and ‘thanks’ in short without typing, similar to what we have in Facebook Messenger.

The update is mostly expected to benefit the mobile platform, since the revamped app will now be available on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, they have also got the same update rolled out to Yahoo Messenger services on desktop, as well as on Yahoo Mail.

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