Virtual Reality Photography Not a Costly Affair, Cardboard App from Google Proves

December 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

VR technology is indeed the essential future in electronics. But at this point of time, creation of VR content appears to be pricy, at least from the normal consumer point of view. In midst of that Google is set to make things easier with VR creation.

The tech behemoth has just announced a new app that lets users create VR imageries using their smartphones. The app accompanies their Cardboard effort, and is hence called the Cardboard app.

You won’t need the Cardboard VR to snap panoramic images, but yes the output gets better treatment when viewed through Cardboard or other VR.


Since it’s the cheapest, don’t expect to create live videos that cover even the top and bottom views. Instead, Google’s Cardboard app does the trick by capturing simple, but 360degree panoramic images that can be swirled sideways to have the entire view later. And guess what, it can also have a bit of ambient sounds included to make your images lively.

The only downside is that Cardboard doesn’t let you take the images out of your smartphone; there’s no way to share the VR images right now.

It means that your self-created VR contents will be confined to viewing for yourself, unless you decide to share your device with others for viewing.

It was Google who showed us the cheaper side of VR viewing through their Cardboard devices earlier. While Samsung and Oculus were fetching the VR world through their expenses gears, Google stepped in and showed us to create the simplest VR technology which makes use of nothing, but cardboard and adhesives.

And here they are now, proving to the world that you don’t need a $60000 device to snap VR images from a non-professional end.

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