Sony Xperia Z6 Likely to Arrive in 5 Variants, Suggests New Rumor

December 5, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

Aren’t we already baffled deciding which one is the flagship smartphone from each vendor? We are, but it seems like smartphone vendors don’t care.

If rumors are to be trusted, then the one who least cares is none other than Japanese manufacturer Sony.

It’s not much time since Sony launched its Z5 flagship and the semi-4K Premium smartphone that followed in September. Reports now suggest that they have got underway with their next flagship, the Z6.

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And, if Sony brought three variants earlier, they have beefed it up this time with five new variants for its upcoming flagship.

That indeed sounds too many versions for a flagship smartphone, especially when considering the current scenario with Sony.

The ever-present trend of uniquely boasting a lead player is slowly getting vanished, and Sony had introduced two size-variants, which itself was quite disturbing.

It was only later that they brought another Premium addition; a version that tops their own so-called flagship model.

But at least, X6 is currently rumored to vary only in size variants, and not with any premium features. According to Chinese site Weibo (via Slashgear), the X6 will be arriving in sizes of 4-inch, 4.6 inch, 5.2 inch, 5.8 inch and 6.4 inch.

It’s the 5.2 inch device that will serve as the true flagship we guess, and the bigger sized devices will be respectively called Xperia Z6 Plus and Xperia Z6 Ultra.

The 4.6-inch sized device is what they call Z6 Compact variant, while the smallest of all will be called Z6 Mini. At least, they didn’t name it as Ultra Compact.

There are no revelations regarding the technicalities, except for the suggestion that Sony might mimic 3D Touch technologies in their new flagship.

It could be possibly the Clear Touch technology from Synaptics, as that’s the one which find space in every rumors of upcoming flagship.

It’s also being rumored that Sony would unveil Z6 at CES this January. That seems too early that we could drop the possibility of a complete launch. But yes, there could be some teasing here and there.

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