Facebook Live Video Broadcasting Now Open For All

December 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every Facebook member now finally gets celebrity status. Or in other words, Facebook has finally decided to push up the provisions for its Live video broadcasting services.

Reportedly, Facebook Live is being currently tested on average or non-celebrity users across the region of the US. The facility is being currently available in the beta version only on iOS devices.

Facebook Live, which was introduced as a rival to Twitter’s Periscope services, lets users broadcast videos live through Facebook app.


The videos, once broadcast, also get saved in the library for viewing later. Previously, the feature was available only for the verified accounts of celebrities and journalists.

Facebook has also enabled the option of alerting limited members when a video is being broadcast from someone in their friend circle.

Alongside Live testing, Facebook has also introduced a new Collage feature to the iOS version of its social media app. It doesn’t really let you build collage images.

Instead, the service will let you mash up multiple videos and photos that will be displayed like a quick slideshow across the wall of other members.

Similar to Live, Facebook’s Collage feature will also see its presence on iOS devices first. The feature is available to all iOS users through the new update, while Android users will have to wait till next year for the update to arrive in their devices.

The recent effort from Facebook does reflect their intent to allow people scroll through various media format, which includes 360 degree video and GIF support besides the newly introduced features.

Not sure if that’s to cope up with the strategies put forward by rivals, but it’s anyways a welcome move.

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