Signal, End-to-End Chat Encryption App, Now Available On Desktops

December 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Edward Snowden must be quite happy, and anyone who has heard about the recent developments with security messaging app called Signal can sure figure out the reason.

Open Whisper Systems, developer of Signal, has now announced that the much favored chat encryption app will now be available on your desktops via Google Chrome.

Just tap in to the Chrome Web Store and you could find a beta version of the Signal app ready to penetrate into your systems.


It will take some time to have it tried in your desktops though. If you are deciding to join the beta now, you would be standing behind a queue formed by nearly ten thousand members that are waiting to try the desktop beta version. But it might be worth a shot, especially for Android users.

Currently, desktop version of the app will be confined to only chat services. Call features including its encryption is on the waiting list, and there’s no word of when it would arrive in desktop.

The Chrome app will be currently having sync support with Android devices, which means that you can have all your contacts and chat-logs from your Android app loaded into PCs.

The feature is currently available only for Android users, and iOS users will still have to wait some time to try the cross-platform services.

That’s despite of the fact that Signal first arrived in its pure form in iOS devices. The services in Android did exist, but it was only through Redphone and TextSecure apps, both of which were later merged to form Signal on Android.

Signal got its biggest endorsement when Edward Snowden tweeted recently that he uses the app every day. His delight today would be joined by over thousands of users prudent of cyber security.

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