Apple  iPhone 6c Goes Colorful; Launches Next Month

December 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s budget range of iPhone devices has managed to create a buzz every time it gets pulled off the wraps.

But the same never got reflected upon its entry into the markets, or at least when compared with the rest from the Cupertino based company. Yet, they are not giving it up on it.

Previous rumors suggested that Apple will have their iPhone 6c devices brought under the light during the first quarter of 2016.


As we head close to the proposed timeframe, more rumors emerge saying that the speculations are credible enough.

The latest one comes from Chinese website Tech Web, which cites sources from inside, and it says the iPhone devices will be launched during January 2016, following which it will be made available in the stores on February.

The website has also posted some images which they claim to be of the upcoming device. According to the images, iPhone 6c will retain the all-metallic embodiment we have seen in the bigger ones from the family.

It will also carry forward the colorful body approach from its successors. The leaked images reveal the iPhone 6c donning the colors of pink, blue, yellow, red and green.

Spec-wise, iPhone 6c will be packing a 4-inch display that will appeal to all the anti-phablet smartphone lovers. The C in iPhone 6c does stand for Cheap, although some say it represents cost.

So it can be expected that the iPhone 6c will miss out on the top features like the recently introduced 3D Touch. Apple will still have Touch ID fingerprint and Apple Pay features loaded on iPhone 6c.

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