Nokia Details OZO VR Camera; Pre-Orders Open

December 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia’s sway over its resource wing, post the Microsoft deal had churned out some decent products. One among them is the OZO VR Cam, which was unveiled earlier this year.

During that time, it was supposed to make its way onto the markets by the last quarter. We don’t have many days left for the year to wind up, but thankfully, Nokia has kept their word by opening pre-orders.

There’s a bit delay, though. The OZO VR cam won’t be available in the markets until next year. The device is expected to get shipped during the early months of 2016.

nokia vr cam

For those heading for the pre-order button, we have a warning; be prepared to splurge out a hefty amount from your bank balance.

OZO VR has got a bulky price tag of $60,000 attached with it. Moreover, you would also have to put up an amount of $5,000 deposit upon pre-ordering. Going VR is not a cheap effort after all.

Quite clearly, Nokia has got the device targeted at the pros, mainly for studios, broadcasters and movie industry. But has Nokia forged a device that justifies this sumptuous price tag? To an extent, yes.

The OZO VR cam is an essential VR cam that’s stepping in to tune the future. We do have VR products like the one from Go Pro and Jaunt, but where Nokia has managed to excel is with its real-time VR creation capabilities.

It means that you needn’t have to depend on post-processing to thread the entire videos into one. And thanks to this instant VR forging ability that OZO VR can stream live VR videos on air; a feature that will define broadcast of future live events. You can always decide to have it stored for later use; the 500GB SSD is adequate enough for that.

OZO VR has also got some decent hardware along with its specs. Eight lenses are stuffed around the device, with each being placed at same distance as between the human eyes.

The sensor behind these lenses features precision imaging technologies, thanks to the 2Kx2K resolution it boasts. Being merged with each lenses are distinct microphones that helps to induce a real-world 360degree audio immersion in the VR videos.

Nokia has also made sure that they launch the add-ons rightly for OZO. Being listed on the website is a bunch of accessories that comes at varying price-tag like a docking station for $1500, a digital cartridge for $5000, and a media module for $2500.

Remaining accessories which include a camera handle, lens cover, and tripod adapters, will be made available after the release of the VR cam.

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