Google Chrome New Update Comes as Boon to Mobile Data-Wary People

December 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Concerned about the over consumption of mobile data in your smartphone? Well luckily, you can now switch to Google Chrome to get all your worries diminish.

Google has started rolling out a new update to its Google Chrome browser which claims to reduce your data traffic by around 70%.

As you could guess, the update is currently being rolled out only to Android users. Also, it will be available only for the regions of India and Indonesia in the first phase; regions where 2G network still dominates. Google says that additional countries will be brought under the reach later, though there’s no mentioning of when and where.


The new feature is reinforced version of the Data Saver feature that was launched by Google for Chrome mobile browsers for all platforms earlier this year. To get the data consumption slashed, Google has roped in the formula of making image loads detached from the parent webpage.

When detecting a slow network, Chrome will automatically enter the Data Saver mode (if enabled under settings), which will halt the loading of media files within a webpage. Users can then opt to have the images loaded distinctly by tapping the ones they want to load, or can have them loaded all at once.

The feature is a continuation of Google’s effort to allay all those who are concerned of data speeds and data consumption.

For the latter, they had Data Saver and streamlined mobile search rolled out during this year. Those will be followed by Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page feature for faster page-loads that will get going during the early months of 2016.

Besides the Android update, Google has also brought a new update to the desktop versions of Chrome, which now provides new features like auto notification dismissals, cooperative multitasking and new developer features along with several security fixes.

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