Wrist Payment Now a Pushover, Thanks to Swatch-Visa Collaboration

December 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For many of us, payments through wrists are confined to smartwatches. But Swatch is now up proving that it needn’t be the case.

The Swiss manufacturer has just launched new Swatch Bellamy watches, which, with a Visa partnership, makes payments possible through wrists.

Anything that makes payment easy through our wrist is indeed smart, but it’s that it doesn’t require a smartphone-integration or a flamboyant LCD screen to make things happen.


The Bellamy range of watches appears to be barely differentiated from the normal range of Swatch watches, bringing all those analogue dials sans any LED screen. But the one that does the trick is the new NFC chip which bestows the device with payment prowess.

But again, it’s differentiated from smartwatches in the sense that there’s no connection with the internet. It also means that you needn’t be worried about the battery life of your Swatch Bellamy; the company says it will run just like normal Swatch watches, without any extra consumption of energy.

It’s notable that Swatch has gone the road less taken with Bellamy. Other manufacturers like Tag Heuer have just embraced the smartwatch technology by dipping themselves into world of smartphone integration.

While competitors had their dependence upon internet technology, Swatch gets rid of those by honing the device only for single intended use; payment, which doesn’t require anything else than a near field communication tie-up with the second party device. The brilliance can be credited to the technology from Visa.

The Swiss manufacturer hasn’t revealed the price for Bellamy yet, but will be launching the device during early 2016, and will be available to Visa customers in United States, Switzerland and Brazil.

The device was also earlier announced for the customers in China in partnership with China UnionPay and Bank of Communications.

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