Microsoft PowerApps Enterprise-Centric Service Eases App Creation

December 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

On Saturday’s Convergence EMEA conference, Microsoft pulled the wraps off its app-creation service called PowerApps, which aims to lure business firms and developers more into smartphone and web app development.

The intent here is to offer new platforms for business so that it can easily be shared within or across organizations.

Despite being enterprise-centric, PowerApps opens the window for all kinds of developers, given its open and simpler way of app development.

In a way, it desires to pull off the more traditional concept of PC-based apps among business firms and developers, replacing it with a mobile-centric approach.


Microsoft’s PowerApps provides platform for all kind of mobile OS including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Besides, it also let users create web-based applications.

All of these are made possible without the usage of even a single coding line, which is what forms the crux of the service. It has been achieved by Microsoft by reverting themselves to the development tools they created long before; Project Sienna.

Besides having codeless tools for app creation, Microsoft has also taken the next step by offering further service integrations like with Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce and other on-premises systems.

The service has been currently made available in preview mode for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Users can make use of the services to save the PowerApps created to local cloud.

We believe it will be providing further options to save, as well as new tool options once it comes out of the preview mode.

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