There’s a New App Out There that Literally Displays the Wireless World Around You

December 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Strange, that we run in a world run by invisible stuff. Of course, we are speaking of those intangible signals which move our TVs, phones, internet, and almost everything in the modern communication era.

We do know they run around, yet without knowing how they roll down to our devices. But an app developed by some artistic minds wants us to know how these would look if they are visible to us.


It’s called the Architecture of Radio; an augmented reality app that takes us to the world of those wireless signals around us. Basically, it’s an app that depicts all those Wi-Fi and cellular network signals around us, in the exact shape and form they are. It takes us through all those wavefront formats of these signals to explain to us how they propagate around us.

But don’t expect this app to be your new virtual signal detection app. It does represent the signals around you graphically, but not exactly in the way you think it would. Architecture of Radio is only an artistic exploitation of the signals around you, but based on real-world data.

It doesn’t make use of your device sensors to track the networks around you. Instead, it works on pre-loaded database; the one which is linked up with over 7 million cell towers and 19 million Wi-Fi routers. There are also up to 100 satellite data loaded in it, so that it can show the signals from up the sky.


In short, Architecture of Radio doesn’t display the exact signals in real-time, but virtually shows them depending upon your location. You can still check whether the signal density around you is pretty good using this app.

The app is currently available for $2.99 for iOS users at the app store. Android users will have to wait till next year to view the signal propagation in their location.

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