Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts Now on Android

November 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram will soon bring in support for multiple Instagram accounts under a single app. Don’t jump to the conclusion that this one could be yet another third-party app. This one comes straight from within the Facebook-owned company.

Not that it will be available soon, but the image hosting platform has reportedly started testing the services covertly for a few users.

The feature is however available only for Android devices, which means that iOS users will have to be patient if to jump between their accounts through the official app.


With the new feature enabled, users will be able to bring all their Instagram accounts under one hood, thus skipping the need for multiple logouts and logins in the app. Users could handle all their accounts with just a drop-down button click, just like you do it with your Google accounts.

The feature is currently being made available to only those who have got the beta copy of the Instagram app version 7.12.0 running on their Android devices. However, all users who have got the update might not be able to access this new feature, as Instagram is having the rollout restricted to only few devices.

To have the app updated to the new version, users can sign up on Instagram’s official beta testing program. They can also have the beta installed directly by using this APK file from APK Mirror.

Once having it installed, users can find the option of Add Accounts right below Clear Search History options under the settings menu. Like we told you before, it’s not necessary that you might find this option, as the feature is going through a gradual rollout.

Previously, users were able to add only multiple accounts only by using mods or other third party services. But the new feature comes at good time, since Instagram has mentioned that they are cutting down the access for many third-party apps with their recent API revision.

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