Bing Maps Now Lets Users Access Feeds from Traffic Cameras

November 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Navigation apps are not just solely dedicated to showing the routes. Instead, they carry all the vital information, most important of which is about the traffic along the route.

Until now, they were displayed in forms of color codes, be that even in the top-used app, Google Maps. But Bing is taking a step ahead in that regard now.

The maps and navigation app from Microsoft is now letting its users view live video feeds from the road they decide to travel. The access is not large enough to cover the entire traffic cams from around the world. But still, it’s big.


Currently, Bing Maps provides live footages from over 35,000 traffic cameras spread across 11 countries. And it’s only in the starting stage, so we can expect more cameras from more countries as we proceed ahead.

To get the live views of the roads, users will have to get the latest preview version of Bing app. After having the app open, users must access the Traffic option from the top, which will display the normal navigational routes including the red, orange, yellow, and green color combination for traffic.

Along with that, the app will pop up the traffic camera footage on its side when zoomed in if it’s available for the selected route.

Users can also view multiple footages at the same time. That can be done by accessing the return to summary button, which will take you to a list of footages of the recently viewed traffic cams. Doing so will let you have a series of footages to check the traffic throughout the selected route.

Currently, Bing Maps stands down the pecking order for most preferred map applications behind other services like Google Maps, Waze, and Here.

But that could be changed, especially with the new feature being an exclusive one on Bing. And if they can get access to further traffic cams from around, Bing Maps could surely have more users on board in the near future.

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