Shazam Update Makes Music-Search Niftier than Ever

November 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Music-search app Shazam has been present in the scene for quite some time now, and a look at the app now would make you feel how much they have moved forward from the past.

Thanks to the new update, we now have the best till-date experience of searching desired music on iOS platform.

The primary element they have added with the new update is the fast search option, which has been brought forward with the help of algorithm tweaks.


We needn’t get down deep with that, as all it matters is that the music search now produces the best results, which comes filtered by artists and albums.

All these gets carried out within a response time which certainly makes us feel awestruck. Shazam has evolved over these times to make it the best music search app in its class, and now, it has just taken a leap ahead in that matter.  The result window does come with other options like instant links to other sources, and for video downloads.

Besides the tune-search option, Shazam has also revamped its text search option, which was left comparatively unused due to its hidden nature inside the app.

Users seldom came to this option, but that’s now being fixed by promoting the option right to the home-screen. Users will now be able to type and search for music directly from homepage.

Shazam has indeed climbed up the ladder because of its audio search, but this feature just makes sure that nothing has been left behind.

The intention was the reason why they introduced the new verified artists feature which just got kick-started. The ability to recognize users’ favourite artists not just give them a chance of staying tuned, but also can explore to the music searched and surfer by those verified artists.

All these, along with the new faster approach, indeed make the app deserving enough to yell out that experience matters. You can check out all these new updates on the iOS app by downloading Shazam from the app store.

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