Marshmallow to Roll Out for Android Wear Devices Soon

November 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is upgrading its Android Wear range of devices with a Marshmallow touch. The company has announced that it has started rolling out the new API 23 SDK based on Android Marshmallow for smartwatches.

Upcoming smartwatches can now make use of the new SDK to roll out with Marshmallow out of the box. Google has already added that the Android Marshmallow has begun its journey on smartwatches, with LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition to be the first to come out with Android 6.

Google also added that the new update won’t be missing out any of the current Android Wear powered smartwatches available.


All of the current watches powered by Android Wear OS will be upgraded to the new API using OTA updates, which Google says will start rolling out in a few months time.

With the new APK on board, Android Wear smartwatches will have access to new features like runtime permission checks for granting permissions for app while usage and additional emulators.

Besides, hardware vendors can also now have external speakers installed on their smartwatches with the support for the same by API 23. LG Watch Urbane is the first to make use of this feature.

Makers can also now have the Intel x86 chips on board for their smartwatches, similar to the recently unveiled Tag Heuer smartwatch

Besides, the new update also proves fruitful for the developers in the sense that it can now distinguish between round and square watch forms. The resource qualifiers of the new SDK will now let developers upload exactly-sized images and layouts for their apps regardless of the watch type.

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