Apple’s Next Could be a Support App with Live Chat Function

November 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Troubleshooting your iPhone problems is getting niftier. Reportedly, a new app is now being developed by Apple that will give support features to iPhone users, including a chat feature with support staff.

A few leaked screenshots of the app have also emerged online, according to which the interface brings a neat and categorized list of common issues which you can select.

It also pretty much feels like support app Haptik, which, however, deals with other issues like shopping and common repairs.


Some of the common issues listed include those related with battery, HealthKit, connectivity and the like.

But we guess the app can be used to cover any issue in your iPhone, especially with the option to have a chat with the advisor.

Users can also access the support staff via call using this app. Besides, users can also get detailed troubleshooting tips to get their job done without contacting the support staff, with detailed repair streamlines brought down from Apple’s online support.

Currently, the support option available for iPhone users is limited to web. Users still however prefer to visit the local stores to get their issues solved.


Although with Apple thinking of cutting down the Genius’ loads in Apple Store, they are bringing in the option of having an appointment fixed with the Apple Store through this new app.

The app will also have access to Apple ID of a user, so that it automatically recognizes the various devices used by the app owner, listing out some of its common issues and its pre-defined solutions.

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